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Projects :: Open Letter to World Leaders

The following letter has been sent to political, social, and religious leaders throughout the world. It was developed to raise awareness about the need to promote basic human rights universally, in both Muslim and non-Muslim countries.


In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Compassionate.

Whoever obeys the Prophet, obeys Allah
Qur'an: IV, 80

The best amongst you are those who are best for their families; and their women are respectful and are honored among them. The most hateful is a society where women are neither honored nor respected. Said the Messenger of Allah.

Knowing about the abuses, cruelties, and violence committed against women and children, in many countries, including Islamic, has made it necessary for us to write to you, our brother/sister in Islam to call for the safety, and honorable treatment of women and children.

This letter is a call for action by asking every Muslim to stand for what is right, and be an honorable model for generations to come. By recognizing and educating the truth of Islam, we emphasize on the standards set by the Prophet and his teachings. By ensuring women their rights we honor men and women in Islam, for when women are treated with respect it reflects the true spirit of Islam.

The Islamic leaders of today have the unique opportunity to act as role models for future generations by following the spirit and teachings of Islam and the tradition of the Prophet (PBUH). It is imperative that the believing men take an active role in speaking forth on this issue and in ensuring that their errant brothers are held accountable for these injustices.

Should our Muslim leaders become the leaders of zulm (oppression) towards their own citizens, particularly women and children?

Are you, as Muslim leaders or citizens, among those who can raise their heads with pride and claim that their women and children are safe, their rights are supported and protected, their interests protected?

Women's rights, including rights to property, rights to education, rights to work and right to divorce are guaranteed by Islam. Are these rights being protected and established in your country? Are those who beat, oppress and disregard the needs of women arrested and punished?

The whole world is beginning to recognize the truth of the rights established by the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him. Let not Muslims be the last to establish what is taught by Islam!

We urgently request that every possible, effective measure be exercised to protect women and children from violence and that those responsible are brought to justice in an expedient manner. We insist that this basic principle of human rights, the right to live in peace, be put into action by renewing the commitment to bridge the gap between the existence of rights and their effective and honorable follow through in each country.

We are writing this letter as a strong reminder of the moral and ethical responsibilities existent, not only for national authorities and citizens of the world, but for followers of Islam. The time for change is imminent; to prevent others from engaging in unethical behavior and to establish new local and international examples with heightened humanitarian awareness and action.

Let us work together to create a better tomorrow for all of us, all humanity. Inshallah. Ameen.

Best Regards,
Sufi Women Organization Headquarters

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