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Message from the Founder

photoThe essence of the human being, regardless of gender or color, time or place, has been regarded as reverent, dignified, and respectful by teachers of humanity. Such magnificence is the gift of Being to humankind, the art of recognizing such magnificence is learned. The foundation of civilization is based on teachings and learning, and the first teacher of any human being, male or female, from any social position or illumination, is a mother. To direct the civilization to a favorable station, one has to rely on the power of a mother, providing that she knows the value of her position. A mother, in fact, is the teacher of all. Underestimating such power and strength, overlooking such magnificence is most unfortunate, an illness to the body of civilization.

Sufism is based on the knowledge of the self. This knowledge is accompanied by respect, dignity and service. These qualities make the role of Sufi women most critical in a civilization lost in the wheels of commerce and technology. It becomes the responsibility of Sufi Women to firmly stand for the sake of humanity, to teach the present generation and generations to come the art of being, to celebrate life, not the imitation of it.

Knowledge makes us responsible, motherhood teaches us to learn the art of service. If a mother understands and learns the value of self knowledge and discipline, and teaches such arts to her generations, the world would be a peaceful and respectful place for all, the rights of every human being will be recognized, and humanity will arrive at the gateway of a deserving civilization, worthy of the human being.

Let's come together, celebrate the generation of humankind, and teach the art of living through teaching and learning, through respect and service, through communication and understanding.

Seyedeh Nahid Angha, Ph.D.
Founder, Sufi Women Organization