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Sufi Women Publications

photoSWO Newsletter

The Sufi Women Newsletter is a quarterly collection of articles written by and for Sufi Women. Articles include academic research, project updates, call for papers, and status reports from international Sufi Women Chapters. It is a wonderful way to connect and stay in touch with Sufi Women from around the world.

Individual issues of the Sufi Women Newsletter may be ordered at a cost of $5.00 each (within the United States) and $7.00 each (outside the United States). A subscription is included as one of the benefits of membership in the Sufi Women Organization.

To order copies of the Sufi Women Newsletter send a check (payable to the Sufi Women Organization) for each newsletter you wish to receive (@ $5.00 or $7.00 each) to:

Subscriptions Office
Sufi Women Newsletter
Sufi Women Organization
14 Commercial Blvd., Suite 101
Novato, California 94949 USA
Tel: +1 415 382 SUFI (7834)


book coverSufi Women:
The Journey Towards the Beloved
Collected Essays

This book is the first volume of a series dedicated to the life stories and works of the Sufi women, in this case written by the women themselves. This first volume forms a collection of the writings of selected Sufi women of the present time, from four different cultures and six different Sufi turuq and Orders.
114 pages.; $11.00

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book coverThe Veil: Hijab
The Sufi Women Organization presents this compilation of the work of women writers on the subject of the veil: hijab. This book in its entirety includes many scholarly presentations on this most important topic. It makes a significant contribution to the history and understanding of women and the veil. The SWO, a humanitarian, nonpolitical, nonsectarian organization, has been created to introduce, disseminate, honor and acknowledge, with Divine Guidance the contribution and service of Sufi Women to the world civilization. The essence of the human being, regardless of gender or color, time or place, has been regarded as reverent and respectful by teachers of humanity. Such magnificence is learned. Sufi Women Organization has come together to support, protect and educate for such learning. This book is an important source of education and learning that benefits humanity by providing knowledge and encouraging freedom of choice among all women.
134 pages; $25.00

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photoWomen's Wisdom: Women in Action
Papers from the Women's Interfaith Conference

This is a compilation of selected presentations by several speakers at the Annual Sufi Women Organization Women's Interfaith Conference on the general topic of Ethics and Values. It is a most important contribution to women and all humanity because it brings together women of different faith traditions whose work reflects a united vision of ethics and values. As Dr. Nahid Angha writes: " A human being is the essence of societies, cultures and nations and each one is the foundation of a civilization. Every human being is a universe and every woman is a teacher of that universe. She is the one who holds the key to a just or corrupt society, as she is the first teacher of any leader." These women writers express their faith and belief in ethics and values that serve to unite humanity.
31 pages; $20.00

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book coverSufi Women Cookbook
By Members of the Sufi Women Organization

The vision for the Sufi Women Cookbook is that it contain the recipes, poems, and stories of Sufi Women. In addition to connecting voices and recipes from around the world, all profits from the cookbook will support SWO projects: including literacy work, global awareness, prison work, and library expansion. The Sufi Women Cookbook contains over 90 recipes and a special section with Children's Favorites. $10.00

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