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The Sufi Women Organization is a department of the International Association of Sufism, a nonprofit organization affiliated with the United Nations. © Copyright: Sufi Women Organization and International Association of Sufism. All rights reserved. Site design by Soraya Chase Clow



SWO Projects

photoThe Sufi Women Organization is involved in a number of projects, some originated by SWO and some in cooperation with other organizations, all of which are aligned with our code of ethics and in support of fundamental human rights.

Domestic Violence Prevention Research Project
The group, organized by the SWO, met in San Francisco, California to review the research survey conducted by Sheida Safarisamani who gave the following report:

“I had the opportunity to conduct research on domestic violence for the Sufi Women Organization. The research was presented at the August meeting of the Sufi Women's Advocacy Committee. I met many families most of which were surprised that someone cared about this subject and wanted to create a forum open to immigrant parent/children discussions. In my research I detail the daily struggles of parents, teens, the elderly and couples transitioning into the American culture from Iran. Many parents I spoke with want to respect and be respected, and cared or. Parents want to know how to deal with their children and spouses as they are growing up in a completely different culture. In many cases, it seems that when the cultures collide, the children and parents struggle to communicate and be respectful of one another. Overall, I think we need a community gathering for teens and parents to come together to discuss how to accept a new culture and respect the old culture. photoWe need to support one another to walk through difficult times together. Hopefully with the support of Dr. Angha and SWO we will be able to help our community.”

Participants included: Nahid Angha, Ph.D. Hamaseh Kianfar, Samira Nikaein, an attorney, Leili First, Amineh Pryor, Ph. D., Soraya Clow, Samira Behjat, and Sheida Safarisamani.

Cross Cultural Research Study
As a follow up to our last roundtable discussion, held February, 2005, "Prevention of Domestic Violence Educational Roundtable," an ongoing discussion since 2003, we met to review a possible research program, a cross cultural study, on Middle Eastern families who immigrated from their lands and now are living in the US. Participants included Dr. Angha, Hamaseh Kianfar, Leili First, Samira Nikaein, an attorney, Dr. Amineh Pryor, Soraya Clow, and Samira Behjat, Zaheda Baruti, with new participants from San Jose and the South Bay area in South San Francisco

Campaign against Rape During War
SWO, the members of the civil societies, witnessing the violence during war time committed against women, and thus disabling not only these most important nurturing members of our human family, but also their children and families, are asking every government of the civil societies to acknowledge rape during war, whether civil or international, to be treated as a war crime punishable by international law.

Open Letter Project
SWO International Chapter leaders and members drafted an open letter to political, social, and religious leaders, calling for the universal application of basic human rights.

Prison Project
Members of SWO have organized several series and workshops to foster personal growth, healing and transformation of female prison inmates in local and national prisons and jails.

Online Dialogue
SWO maintains a dialogue, with active members from every continent. We share stories, opinions, concerns, and the occasional recipe! Friendships form that transcend culture and philosophy.

United Nations Project

The work of SWO United Nations Project focuses on acknowledging the significance of life and the value of peace for humanity. Many of our UN projects help foster coexistence through understanding.

Literacy Project
Sufi Storytelling and Children's Literacy are combined in a special program: presenting stories of Sufi Wisdom that promote wise judegement and self-esteem in children with a free selection of children's books.

Women's Sacred Meditation Circle
Meditation, music, poetry, sharing open to women of all spiritual backgrounds and traditions who are seeking inner peace. . Refreshments are served. No fee. Led by Sheikha Halima JoAnn Haymaker, under the direction of Seyyedeh Nahid Angha, Ph.D. and Shah Nazar Seyyed Ali Kianfar, Ph.D. Alternate Thursdays 1 to 2 p.m., at the Institute for Sufi Studies, 14 Commercial Blvd. #101, Novato, CA. Call 415-382-7834.

SWO Supports Project Amigo in Colima, Mexico
SWO provides support for Project Amigo which offers scholarships, tutoring, clothing, books, medical, dental and other services for poor children in the state of Colima, Mexico . As these students complete junior and senior high, go on to college and gain professional jobs, they become leaders who help break the cycle of poverty for their families and help to transform their communities. In the past ten years, 16 of these children have completed school and gone on to graduate from college. SWO has sent representatives to Colima for the past ten years to bring contributions of books, clothing and dental supplies and to meet with the children and their families.


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