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photo2001 Report:
Guest Speaker, Joanne Abrams on Jewish Reform

MILL VALLEY, CALIFORNIA -- Amineh Pryor opened the SWO luncheon in friendship and peace, and Shaikha Muzeyyen, Napa Representative, presented a prayer. Following prayers and friendly introductions, reports and announcements were given.

The SWO Cookbook has been sent to the publisher and will be available in mid December. The cookbooks are beautiful and contain internationally acclaimed recipes from our sisters. The price is $10 per copy and the project is a SWO fundraiser, organized by volunteer Sufi women.

The United Nations / UNESCO updated report was read. Sufi women are devoted to global peace for humankind through divine spirituality, building bridges at the UN level through knowledge, rather than through rhetoric.

A report on RAWA: Revolutionary Association of Women of Afghanistan was presented by one of our sisters who attended a presentation at a local college, which was deeply educational and compelling.

The wonderful new issue of Sufi Women Newsletter is out with inspiring
articles, poetry and design. If you are not a subscriber and you wish to
receive a copy, please inquire to SWO website.

Our Prison Program has been offering relaxation, meditation and pictures and sounds of nature to a group of women in a jail in Marin County where they cannot see the light of day. SWO provides self help books and inspiration and the imprisoned women call out for them to lengthen their visits and to come more often.

Sufi Youth International participated in a Habitat for Humanity interfaith congregation day, helping to build their first houses in San Francisco, California. SYI has had a great response after establishing their interfaith dialogue and SYI founder, S. Kianfar welcomes new members. An after care tutoring program is being held and organized by Emily Hedges, a Sufi Youth Representative, University Group Leader, on university campuses for at risk youth by SYI which is very successful.

Our guest speaker was Joanne Abrams, who gave a presentation on the meaning of her work as a woman who is of Jewish reform: pursuers of peace. She is program chairwoman and president of her local sisterhood and she shared many of the programs in which they are involved, including good health for women, youth work and devotion to self education. She and her sisterhood are dedicated to improving the world by staying connected to God and she so generously sang a traditional prayer for our closing. We thank her for her time and informative talk.

Closing prayer by Shaikha Muzeyyen concluded our luncheon. Future SWO luncheon dates: January 20 in California, March 17 in California, May 26 in Washington. I would like to conclude this report with an excerpt from a poem by Meena, a determined woman, founder of RAWA, martyred in Afghanistan.

My voice has mingled with thousands of arisen women,
I am the woman who has awoken.

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