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The Sufi Women Organization is a department of the International Association of Sufism, a nonprofit organization affiliated with the United Nations. © Copyright: Sufi Women Organization and International Association of Sufism. All rights reserved. Site design by Soraya Chase Clow


Welcome to the Sufi Women Organization

New! (March, 2015) We have an exciting new website; please visit it here.

The Sufi Women Organization was established in 1993 under the auspices of the International Association of Sufism. A forum for all Sufi women, it has been tremendously successful in gathering together women from diverse cultural backgrounds who share a dedication to the goals of Sufism, especially with respect to human rights. Our primary humanitarian goals include women's rights, education, and social awareness.


Join Us Today!
Becoming a member of the Sufi Women Organization is the best way to connect with a truly diverse group of like-minded women from around the world while supporting the many humanitarian, social service projects of SWO.

Annual Sufism Symposium, 2011

The 2011 edition of the Annual Sufism Symposium was a great success. We will have a full report on the symposium in the near future.

The Position and Rights of Women in Islam

Dr. Nahid Angha

Watch a video of Dr. Nahid Angha as she discusses the Position and Rights of Women in Islam during a Keynote Luncheon for the Star King School for the Ministry.

Sufi Women Luncheon with Guest Speaker Robin Pressman, Sunday, April 3

Robin Pressman

Our most recent Luncheon was an opportunity to hear Robin Pressman, Radio Program Director of KRCB (91 FM) a PBS/NPR station headquartered in Rohnert Park and enjoy a delicious lunch. Robin talked about the challenges and new opportunities facing public broadcasting, especially focusing on new initiatives to create an active partnership with her listeners with citizen journalism and community involvement.
In Robin's sixteen year tenure, she created the Voice of Youth radio program, worked with the local community to produce classical, literary, creative arts and public affairs programs, and trained hundreds of volunteer programmers in radio arts. She is also the executive producer of several radio programs.

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